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The Fitness Aspects of Healthy and Vital Sex as an Element of Overall Well-Being Are Approached in a Pelvic Floor In-House Training at Mind Your Body Pilates UES in NYC

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Mind Your Body Fitness on the Upper East Side of Manhattan will host an in-house training on the pelvic floor including elements of how the fitness of this part of the body contributes greatly to a healthy sex life and overall well being on Monday, December 17th at 5PM.

Pelvic-floor strengthening is not un-subtle squeezing, but a very intricate and inner command of a highly-charged, sensitive and deeply-empowering place in the body that most people – particularly men – go through their whole lives never truly getting in touch with. Many forms of exercise promote butt-gripping, inner thigh squeezing, and abdominal holding exercises that tighten up outer areas while unwittingly eluding and even preventing access to the deeper support systems that would make a person an innerly-toned, responsive, spontaneous, and positionally-undaunted partner.

It’s more and more common for various exercise methods to profess that devotees of their practice will be “more sexy.” But having a sexier body due to a particular fitness regime can actually not have much to do with being in the best physical shape for the actual act of sex. It goes along with the some of society’s more superficial aspects to extoll the benefits of the outer surface of things like amazing make up to cover less-than-adequately-cared-for skin. What good is looking outwardly sexy if the body hasn’t the balance between stability and flexibility and range-of-movement potential to be available and open – after the preliminary evening of partying leads to the real performance in the bedroom? For instance, how many women wear gorgeous heels and seem sexy because of tightened calves and a carefully-chosen skirt length, but then don’t have the hamstring flexibility to actually “get a leg over.” And how many men are there with such tight lower backs that they lack the sustainable strength to “stand and deliver?”

And is the body of either sex truly in touch with the very particular pelvic mobility to angle and respond to what can happen spontaneously in the strong passions of the moment? One of Mind Your Body Fitness owner Gail Giovanniello’s long time clients once heartily expressed to her during a session: “C’mon, Gail, men need this stuff! Forget Viagra; they need to find their pelvic floors! Everyone is so closed down sexually and emotionally.”

Master Pilates Teacher Gail Giovanniello provides on-going in-house trainings for her staff and offers on-the-road or at-home informative fitness videos to view on the NYC Pilates Mind Your Body YouTube channel.

In many methods of fitness there are specialized approaches for pre-natal conditioning. Why wouldn’t there be a just-as-focused conditioning for the physical and emotional and psychological demands towards the act that produces a child and that same act that will need to have a healthy continuance for years afterwards? Not every woman is going to want to take or will ascribe to the philosophies behind pole dancing classes to strengthen their bodies and beings in that prescribed sexual way.

Movies and television promote the ideal male sexual partner as having washboard abs and desirable females with flat bellies, but overly-worked superficial abdominals are most-often accompanied by tight hip flexors – an area of the body that should be able to soften and fold for the sort of pelvic mobility that should come with responsive sexual rhythms.

For more detailed information about the training on December 17th, or for information on customized-to-the-client private Pilates sessions with Gail Giovanniello or her fine staff of instructors, please call Mind Your Body at 212-426-7960.

Also see the complete Mind Your Body Fitness Group Pilates Class Schedule:

Over 40 Classes to Choose From on Reformer, Tower, Chair and Mat

Each Class with Five or Fewer Students and Available Seven Days a Week

Complimentary private press previews with Gail Giovanniello can be scheduled for alternate times.

Press contact: Tim Driscoll 212-647-8878

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Military Advanced Education Magazine Releases Annual Guide to Colleges and Universities

Rockville, Maryland (PRWEB) December 08, 2014

Military Advanced Educations 2015 Guide to Colleges & Universities is now available in print and online. The Guide evaluates institutions on their best practices in military/veteran education. A list of participating institutions follows at the end of this release.

As the first publication to launch a reference tool for veterans and servicemembers looking to earn college degrees, Military Advanced Education (MAE) and KMI Media Group (KMI) are publishing the eighth annual Guide to Colleges & Universities, highlighting schools that go out of their way to give back to our men and women in uniform.

With a record number of schools participating in the 2015 Guide, and criteria based on recommendations from the VA and military services, MAEs Guide to Colleges & Universities provides the foundational information a prospective student would use in framing his or her educational needs.

Our goal is to be a dynamic resource for active servicemembers and those who have moved from the military to their civilian careers, helping them find the school that best fits their plans for the future, said Kelly Fodel, Military Advanced Educations editor.

The extensive student-centric questionnaire evaluates higher education institutes on military culture, financial aid for veterans, flexibility, on-campus support and online support services. In addition to the published guide, MAE offers a free online database to best practices in military and veteran education. Prospective students may visit to view the searchable database, access and review all survey answers from all of participating institutions, and see all the information MAE used in evaluating submissions. The database is searchable by school name, state, online campus or brick-and-mortar campus. This tool is invaluable for comparing and contrasting the schools on a students list of consideration.

We have sharpened our focus on the best practices that make a true difference to servicemembers and student veterans, said Conni Kerrigan, KMIs publisher and chief financial officer. These best practices have been asserted by various higher education groups and reinforced by veteran groups, and we consider our survey to be the most detailed and informative in the industry.

Military Advanced Education scores and evaluates each participant to determine which institutions have reached a specific benchmark in order to be deemed an MAE Top School. Top Schools are awarded with the MAE Guide to Colleges & Universities logo for use in their marketing materials, allowing them to let prospective students know they make the grade with MAE. Additionally, each institutions information is displayed in the magazine in bar charts that show how well a school did in meeting MAEs benchmarks. All schools who participated in the survey are included in the Guide, but only Top Schools receive unlimited use of the MAE logo.

The December issue of MAE also features an exclusive with Allison Hickey, under secretary for benefits for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Hickey explains the support that the department provides veterans and what students should look for in maximizing their education benefits.

Veterans Affairs offers education and career counseling services, as well as an online aptitude test free of charge for all veterans, Hickey said. We work with school certifying officials and military partners to make this information available to all eligible beneficiaries throughout their military career and after separation.

Check out the December 2014 issue of Military Advanced Education for details, and a profile of each school that participated in the 2015 Guide to Colleges & Universities.

About Military Advanced Education and KMI Media Group, Inc.

Military Advanced Education ( is the leading journal of higher education for servicemembers. MAE serves education services officers (ESOs) and transition officers (TOs) at every U.S. military installation, along with the servicemembers they counsel. Published 10 times yearly, MAEs editorial coverage includes exclusive interviews with military executive leadership, educators, and members of Congress; best practices; career and transition spotlights, servicemember, school, and program profiles, and periodic special reports. KMI Media Group, Inc. ( is the leading independent publisher of targeted information about military requirements, technologies and operations. Serving as a unique forum for senior military and Department of Defense leadership, KMI focuses on distinct and essential communities within the defense market.


Kelly Fodel

Editor, MAE

(717) 309-9952


Device Promising Better Sex Life Wins Patent Award – Crowd Funding Campaign Planned for Ping Daddy Product Launch

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) October 13, 2013

Sexologists and couples therapists agree that the best aphrodisiac in the world is effective communication. You dont need to be an expert on intimacy to understand that when two partners or would-be partners are at a romantic, candle-lit dinner and one has to shout across the table in order to be heard, it isn’t exactly setting a mood for lovemaking.

Hearing loss is now the third leading chronic health condition of older Americans. Physicians know the consequences; anxiety, social isolation, depression and, according to the National Council on Aging, it hurts your sex life.

It is estimated over 30 million Americans suffer from untreated hearing loss. The main reason is money. The average cost of a pair of hearing aids is over $ 5000. Most insurance plans and Medicare doesn’t cover this expense.

Dubbed as reading glasses for the ears Ping Daddy is an out of the box, over the counter hearing solution. The Ping Daddy is a classified as a PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Product) by the FDA. Advances in digital technology and performance have enabled a new class of devices to deliver more affordable solutions to the hearing impaired.

Blue Gear has executed a distribution agreement with Ping Response, Inc of Westbrook, Maine. They are crowd funding the launch of Ping Daddy with a campaign on Indiegogo.

Fred Writt, CEO of Ping Response has suffered from hearing loss for over twenty years. According to Writt: The hearing loss treatment model is broken. A hearing aid should not cost six times more than an iPhone.

Ping Response plans to market a suite of hearing solutions from PSAPs to programmable hearing aids using Blue-Gears patented ear piece. An independent testing company determined the earpiece will provide a comfortable and secure fit for over 92% of the population.

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DON’T PAUSE Special Promotion Now Offered by AntiAging Institute of California

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

The AntiAging Institute of California is now offering a DONT PAUSE special promotion. For a limited time, those who buy two bottles of DONT PAUSE will receive a third bottle at no charge. This special has a value of more than $ 25 and provides women with three to six months worth of natural menopause relief. DONT PAUSE is an all-natural herbal supplement that includes essential vitamins and powerful antioxidants to provide women with incomparable relief from their worst menopause symptoms, including menopause hot flashes without any unwanted side effects.

DONT PAUSE has been formulated to address all 45 of the symptoms of menopause, which were identified by Dr. Shoreh Ershadi, who recently presented her book on the topic at the 8th Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Expo in Beijing. It can help alleviate the most common symptoms of menopause, including rapid heartbeatsmenopause, hot flashes, dry skin, night sweats menopause, mood swings and menopause digestive problems.

Managing symptoms often requires a multi-pronged approach. Women may need to track their symptoms for a few weeks to identify any potential triggers. They may also need to change their lifestyle. Alcohol and caffeine should be limited, and if women use tobacco, they need to begin a smoking cessation program that helps them kick the habit. A balanced diet and regular exercise combat not only the hormone swings of menopause but also the stress and anxiety that often accompany menopause symptoms. DONT PAUSE can work with these lifestyle changes or alone to balance hormones and restore healthy function.

The AntiAging Institute of California offers DONT PAUSE along with other natural and herbal products and nutritional supplements to counteract common age-related health issues, including menopause symptoms, weight gain and erectile dysfunction.

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God Turns a Bad Situation into an Opportunity to Seek Redemption

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2014

Georgia Franks new book, Supernatural Saves – God Rescues the Unborn Through Divine Intervention, ($ 11.99, paperback, 9781628713169; $ 5.99, e-book, 9781628713176) addresses a sensitive topic for men and women alikeaborting unborn children. The author shares breathtaking testimonies of real events surrounding abortion clients. The mission of this book is trifold: to recruit pro-life Christians to participate in active pro-life ministries, and to help heal themselves and others through lives of serving Jesus. In accomplishing these things, the authors hope is to change the present secular culture of death to Gods spiritual culture of life.

I hope that readers who have had personal experiences with abortion, themselves, or are friends and families of abortion recipients will seek forgiveness from God, states the author. This book hopes to help people use their abortion experiences to help heal themselves and others and to rediscover the healing power of God.

Georgia Frank was raised by her mother and grandmother, because her father died before she was born. She was a victim of sexual experiences, which validated her attractiveness, and gave her the confidence she lacked with men. She destroyed her only child through a saline abortion, and suffered severe physical, spiritual, and moral consequences. She took post abortion counseling classes, which taught her to seek the forgiveness of God and her unborn baby. She was personally convicted of her need for forgiveness through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, who instructed her to join the active pro-life movement by becoming a sidewalk counselor. Georgia has been actively involved in sidewalk and telephone counseling for thirty-five years. She has witnessed hundreds of children saved from abortions through the divine intervention of God.

Xulon Press, a part of Salem Communications Corporation, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date. Salem Communications is the country’s leading Christian communications company with interests in radio, Internet and magazine publishing. Retailers may order Supernatural Saves – God Rescues the Unborn Through Divine Intervention through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and

Media Contact: Georgia Frank, 310-318-0168

For more information, visit:

Intact America Criticizes Circumcision Guideline Announcement from the Centers for Disease Control

Tarrytown, NY (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

Intact America, an organization that opposes the forced genital cutting of babies and children, sharply criticizes todays Centers for Disease Control (CDC) proposed guidelines for circumcision.

The CDC is calling for doctors to tell the parents of male infants, children and adolescents that circumcision has been found to reduce the transmission to men of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The guidelines were released on December 2, 2014, opening a public comment period that will end on January 16, 2015.

Beyond stating and restating its support for medically unnecessary circumcision, the Centers for Disease Control fails to provide any solid evidence to bolster the case for circumcision as a valid measure for disease prevention, said Georganne Chapin, an attorney and executive director of Intact America. The studies cited by the CDC purporting to show that circumcision reduces transmission of STIs were conducted in poor rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa over eight years ago. These studies have never been replicated elsewherelet alone in the United Statesand have no relevance to children or men in the developed world.

There have been no systematic studies conducted anywhere about the short- or long-term adverse consequences resulting from circumcision,” says director Chapin. “Through thousands of personal stories from boys, men and their parents we know that circumcision causes myriad complications, some requiring surgical correction. Adult consequences include poor body image, painful sex, psychological problems, and erectile dysfunction. The CDC’s continued persistence in recommending what they know to be an unnecessary surgery is questionable. It is happening in the face of increased public awareness about circumcisions harms, declining U.S. circumcision rates, and the growing reluctance of states and insurers to pay for this medically unnecessary surgery.

Intact America notes that the CDCs proposed guidelines make no mention of the spontaneous and growing protests around the U.S. and Canada by men who are speaking out angrily about having been forced as children to undergo circumcision.

As a public health organization, the CDC should be calling for a study of the true risks and complications from circumcision that occur over the lifetime of boys and men, says Chapin, before it promotes its evidence-free claim that the benefits of newborn circumcision outweigh its harms.

The CDC is Out of Touch with the Rest of the Developed World, says Intact America:

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement in 2012 promoting the benefits of infant circumcision and calling for insurers and state Medicaid programs to pay for the surgery, performed in the U.S. often without anesthesia. This report is at sharp odds with the ethical and medical stance taken by physicians here and in Europe concerning the removal of healthy sexual tissue from children who cannot consent.

In early 2013 in the journal Pediatrics, a large group of physicians, medical organizations, and ethicists from European, Scandinavian, and Commonwealth countries issued a strongly-worded statement, calling American medicines support for infant circumcision culturally biased, and different from [the conclusions] reached by physicians in other parts of the Western world, including Europe, Canada and Australia.

In October 2014, Britains National Health Service affirmed its previous position stating that, “most healthcare professionals now agree that the risks associated with routine circumcision, such as infection and excessive bleeding, outweigh any potential benefits.”

About Intact America:

Intact America is the leading organization dedicated to ending infant and child circumcision. With its membership of over 60,000 intactivists, Intact America works toward creating a world in which all people of all ages are protected from circumcision or any other permanent genital alteration inflicted on them without their informed consent. Its mission is to educate parents, doctors, nurses, and the American public that the foreskin is a normal, natural part of the human body, designed by nature to provide protection and pleasure.

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