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Skin Tightening Cream Discounts Revealed in New Cost Saving Guide at Consumer Portal

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2014

The discounts that some retailers promote on the Internet for health and beauty products do not include various skin creams or oil based products. The Cherry News company is now revealing skin tightening cream discounts inside of its cost saving guide posted at

The guide is now available to offer a direct source for men and women to review to find recently released products available for sale. Although the guide includes pricing, a thorough overview of how to choose the best tightening cream is offered as well as eye serum products that include all-natural ingredients inside.

“There are markdowns and then there are price drops that retailers use to promote certain products and our guide includes a mixture of each type,” said a Cherry News reporter.

The published discount guide is one of several that has been designed as a direct source consumers can use this year. The publishing of the guide is meant to introduce brand new company products that are released by companies like Immortelle Organics to the U.S. market.

“Some products provide a tightening effect although multiple applications a day are usually necessary and this can increase the cost of certain products,” said the reporter.

The Cherry News company reporting staff now directly contributes to the written content that is published and syndicated nationally. The health and beauty sections of the company website have been revised to include holiday shopping guides that introduce various retailer price markdowns.


The company is a national company supplying updated news and information in the consumer retail industry. From creating price guides to review publications, the company uses its network of reporters to deliver consumer information. The company has designed its new website to provide an easier way to search for past and present content to help the public find price markdowns from top retailers inside the U.S.

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Police Obtain Warrant to Give Teen Boy Erection, Photograph It
Police in Manassas City, Virginia made what many feel was a questionable decision: they obtained a search warrant that would allow them to take a teenage boy to a medical facility, give him a medication to induce an erection, and photograph his erect …
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Brody Jenner clarifies sexual comment about Kim Kardashian
The step-siblings had an awkward encounter during a family vacation in Thailand when Jenner walked into Kardashian's room unannounced and saw her posing almost naked. By Veronica Linares | July 24, 2014 at 2:27 PM | Comments. share with facebook.

SEAA names 2013 Steel Erection Projects of the Year Winners
To erect the interior-most trusses, LPR Construction utilized a single shoring post and guy cables to stabilize and erect the first truss in two halves. The remaining nine trusses were erected in a single full length piece. Each subsequent full span …
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Kush Boys Say, We Dont Push the Kush

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) May 19, 2011

Kush, according to the online Urban Dictionary, is a good to high-quality weed, so people naturally assume that Kush Boys Worldwide, the eco-friendly producer of marijuana-free lifestyle products, is selling medical marijuana. But, although Kush Boys Worldwide embraces people who associate themselves with the so called cannabis culture, the company is not directly associated with dispensaries or the sale of medical marijuana.

Kush Boys Worldwide is an innovative company with a mission to incorporate environmentally and culturally savvy business habits into their evolving brand of products. The company recently announced the highly anticipated launch of Kush Boys Worldwide lifestyle products, including the long-awaited animation Master Kush, an eco-friendly apparel line called KCLA, a hemp drink called Chronic Ice, and the natural male enhancer SirRock.

Kush Boys Worldwide is a lifestyle brand. Our demographic isnt just the cannabis culture or any other box people try to stuff other people into, said Mike, co-founder of Kush Boys Worldwide. We are creating a brand new buzz that brings people of all different races and lifestyles together. We call our hard-to-define demographic the new-age pop culture.

At present, the most controversial element of Kush Boys Worldwides brand is their cartoon character Master Kush, the companys superhero whose alias is a tongue-in-cheek double entendre for the cannabis cultures Godfather nomenclature. Master Kush, voiced by Tommy Chong, is a retired internationally famous martial arts legend and movie star whose attempts to live the simple life of a gardener are continually foiled by the evil Illuminazi Central Union. But even with Tommy Chong playing the voice of Master Kush, there is no blatant marijuana use in the series.

The producers created the series to give the cannabis culture a new kind of hero. When we first brainstormed the idea of Master Kush many years ago, we thought only a few marijuana farmers up in Humboldt or Mendocino would get the inside jokes. Weve sat back and watched the term Kush become part of the global pop culture lingo, says Andrew Todd, co-creator and writer of Master Kush. At times its been detrimental to the financial development of our overall plans, but in the long-run we decided its great advertising if everyone relates the word Kush with the very best or highest of quality.

KCLA is an eco-friendly clothing line that gives a nod to sophisticated street fashion. KCLAs casually styled gear includes t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as lip balms and accessories. KCLA has recently created a collection of apparel melding the urban flavors of hip hop with the downtown appeal of skater and the fly style of a hipster.

Chronic Ice is an ice tea made of organic sugar cane, green and black blended tea, lemon essence, ascorbic acid and a kiss of hemp seed protein powder. This antioxidant-rich hemp drink contains no THC, is only 80 calories per serving, and is free of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. It has been tested with oncologists, and enjoyed by hip hop artists such as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg.

SirRock is an all-natural Viagra alternative, specifically designed to help enhance erogenous nightlife encounters. This over-the-counter herbal enhancer is non-addictive, has no side effects, and can be consumed with alcohol without detrimental results. In fact, mixing with alcohol to keep the party going is encouraged.

For more information about Kush Boys Worldwide – Hearst Media Services partnership or any of Kush Boys Worldwides products: call them at (213) 537-0118 or visit them on the web at

About Kush Boys Worldwide

Kush Boys Worldwide is an eco-friendly company committed to incorporating environmentally friendly practices in all facets of their business. Their goal is to utilize all of their fairly earned resources and God-given abilities to develop innovative and flexible solutions by implementing responsible practices for the conservation of our planet.


Fresh Water and Correct Qi Breathing Are Keys to Health Reports Water Researcher

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

For decades, radio host Sharon Kleyne has advocated drinking fresh water to maintain health. This view is backed by most physicians. In a recent interview with Effie Chow, PhD, Kleyne discovered a surprising new reason why water is the key to good health. According to Chow, to maximize waters beneficial effect, correct Qi breathing is also necessary.

Effie Chow was born in China and grew up in a traditional family. After moving to the United States, she became a registered nurse. Although she supported Western medical practice, she concluded that traditional Chinese medicine, particularly Qi-Gong, had enormous potential value in maintaining health. Dr. Chow is Founder of the East-West Academy of Healing Arts in San Francisco, has authored several books, and in 2000, served on President Clintons White House Conference on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

The globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water

Sir Rock and Roll All Night: Kush Boys Introduce All-Natural Male Enhancer

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) June 22, 2011

Every man wants to be at his best in intimate situations, but sometimes anxiety, stress or those four Chron Island Ice Teas at the bar can make the evening end with a limp instead of a bang. Recognizing there are times when gentlemen need a quick pick-me-up, Kush Boys Worldwide has introduced mans next best friend: Sir Rock.

Sir Rock is an all-natural Viagra alternative for male enhancement. The over-the-counter herbal enhancer raises stamina and energy without all of the negative side effects of many prescription drugs and herbal Viagra substitutes.

Unlike prescription medications, Sir Rock can be safely consumed with alcohol.

This isnt granddads little blue prescription pill, said Jamal Weathers, co-founder and CEO of Kush Boys Worldwide. Sir Rock is enjoyed by regular guys who want to keep the party going all night long.

Sir Rock is a natural male enhancer made with a blend of herbs known for making a man stronger and firmer where it counts by widening blood vessels in and around the penis. This temporary boost in circulation promotes a harder erection and can facilitate better performance.

Kush Boys will officially launch Sir Rock during the summer of 2011, along with a number of other lifestyle products, such as Chronic Ice and KCLA clothing, to satisfy the needs of a demographic they call the new-age pop culture.

For more information about Sir Rock or Kush Boys Worldwide, call (415) 734-8350.

About Kush Boys Worldwide

Kush Boys Worldwide is a Los Angeles-based company committed to pursuing ventures that benefit a demographic they call the new-age pop culture. Current projects include the online animated series Master Kush; an eco-friendly clothing line for the urban demographic called Kush Couture Lifestyle Apparel (KCLA); an all-natural iced tea made with hemp known as Chronic Ice; the natural male enhancement supplement Sir Rock; and Kush Boys Studios.


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FDA Advises Consumers Not to Use S.W.A.G.: AttorneyOne Monitor and Keep Consumers Informed

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2014, a recognized authority on law, update the website daily regarding all the latest information from the FDA on safety alerts for sexual enhancement products.

On April 18, the US FDA advised consumers not to purchase or use S.W.A.G. because analysis revealed that it contains undeclared sildenafil. S.W.A.G. is promoted as sexual enhancement product. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra, used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Sildenafil can interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs than men with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes take and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Taking into consideration the latest developments, monitor daily and update the website providing accurate information on all relevant FDA safety alerts. Sean Burke, director of Media Relations at, adds we are determined to keep an eye on FDA announcements concerning sexual enhancement products and inform the public. For that reason”, he continues, “our focus should squarely fall on investigating these safety alerts and getting the word out.

As the FDA recommends Consumers should stop using this product immediately and throw it away. And the Agency continues Consumers who have experienced any negative side effects should consult a health care professional as soon as possible. has further information on sexual enhancement products at the website including latest major drug and medical products law news.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA Attorney One was founded in 2004 and is not a law firm. They offer a nationwide legal service which helps consumers find the best representation for their legal needs. You can learn more about Attorney One at our website You can also find us on Facebook at Checkout earlier news from us at

Business Journal: Epoch the next evolution in men's health

Business Journal: Epoch the next evolution in men's health
Perhaps no industry has changed more over the last decade than healthcare. Innovations in pharmaceuticals, surgery and even business models have changed the way all of us receive health care. One thing that hasn't changed is men's historical reluctance …
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Brain, Brawn & Body: Focusing on men's health
MILWAUKEE (WITI) – Join Wheaton Franciscan –St Joseph and Brain Brawn & Body for an entertaining evening with your health in mind. A pair of Erics joined the Studio A team on Thursday, July 17th to explain what it's all about. CLICK HERE to learn more …

Understanding the Science of Men (Sort Of): 07.18.14
Sedentary lifestyles tend to leave men fat around the middle and coursing with the bad blood that leads to heart attacks. BUT, the good news is that scientists studied the data on cardio health and sedentary lives and took into account fitness and …
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A Global Call to Synchronize the Disease Outbreak at Epidemiology and Genetics-2014

Los Angeles,CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

The honorable Organizing Committee Members of Epidemiology and Genetics-2014 includes Prof. Aizhong LIU, Central South University, China., Dr MukeshVerma, NIH, USA., Prof. Diana Anderson, Bradford University, UK., Dr John Q. FU, St. Louis University, UK, Prof. Lequan Min, Beijing Science and Technology University, China. The representatives from Chinese and International Associations will actively present their ideas and methodologies in this Scientific Meeting to overcome the challenges faced in reviewing the epidemiological events and disasters.

Epidemiology and Genetics 2014 will deal with the various issues in global public health and management. The conference tracks are designed accordingly to give a wider scope for the students and researchers to share the innovations anticipated in the various sectors of public health. This Scientific Meeting would witness various topics on Communicable and non-communicable diseases; Mathematical modeling of epidemics; Genetic modeling and analysis; Occupational health and safety; Reproductive and sexual health; Global pharmaceutical practices; and Environment and health effects.

We would invite you to visit the scientific program to see the list of scientific eminence marking their presence in this pragmatic International Clinical Conference.

Epidemiology and Genetics 2014 will feature two International Symposiums, one by Prof. Lequan Min of Science and Technology University Beijing and Dr Ming Zhan of Georgia University, USA who will elaborate on the Modern mathematical and computing tools utilized to study the epidemic spread and evolution of infections and the other workshop will be organized by Dr Clement Leung- kwok Chan and Prof. Lynn M. Jamieson The rules of scientific paper writing and comprehending the medical articles.

OMICS Publishing Group publishes 350 online open access journals in clinical, medical, life sciences, including management, engineering, technology, and pharmaceutical fields with an aim to provide healthcare information free from the copyright barriers by organizing over 150 InternationalScientific Meetingsacross the globe annually. OMICS Group enjoys the support of a strong 30,000 members in the editorial team with a readership of 3.5 million. OMICS Group has collaborated with more than 100 scientific associations and institutions worldwide to promote information on healthcare through Open Access platform.

OMICS Publishing Group International Scientific Conferences facilitates the young researchers and scholars to interact with the world class experts in respective fields to evaluate their research through its Young Research Forum, Best Poster Award Competition and Student Fellowship., thus encouraging student participation in the scientific research and development.

We invite eminents in the field to participate as speakers and also to conduct International Workshops on related scientific sessions of the conference. This event edges out the aspects of setting up a successful B2B environment to evaluate the participants and increase their probability of making high-quality business connections.

For more details and for further information related to Epidemiology and Genetics-2014, please contact

Sydney James

Event Manager

Clinical Conferences

Epidemiology and Genetics -2014

5716 Corsa Ave, Suite 110

Westlake, Los Angeles

CA 91362-7354, USA

Tel:- +1-650-268-9744

Fax:- +1-650-618-1414


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Police: Disgraced deputy may have dealt erectile dysfunction pills

Police: Disgraced deputy may have dealt erectile dysfunction pills
The King County Sheriff's deputy who investigators said is at the center of a police corruption scandal distributing drugs had evidence of erectile dysfunction medication in addition to steroids, recently filed court documents show. Deputy Darrion …
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Using stem cells to treat erectile dysfunction
Doctor Irwin Goldstein from San Diego Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital explains how regenerative stem cell therapy may improve treatment for erectile dysfunction. He's joined by plastic surgeon Barry Handler. VIEW & ADD COMMENTS …

Breaking the Erectile Dysfunction Taboo
Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction often top the list of conditions that people shy away from talking about. But this 'keep quiet, and carry on' tactic means that many are suffering in silence. Around one in every 10 men has a sex-related …
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Man arrested after buying erectile dysfunction meds to have sex with children
According to the release, Jungiwalla admitted that he came to town to have sex wiht an underage girl. Doan chatted online with Morrison for two days, bought erectile dysfunction medication and drove to meet Morrison. After he was arrested, according to …
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Union Telephone Company Selects NuTEQ for Carrier Management System

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

NuTEQs Carrier Management System delivers a fully-integrated platform of Least Cost routing, Dynamic Fraud Protection, and near-real-time Management Reporting on network traffic. The flexible Crosstel Carrier Management System is scalable to meet the demands of any size carrier with both cloud-based and in-network capabilities.

NuTEQs feature-rich Carrier Management System is an ideal solution for a full-service carrier like Union, said Brian Woody, Chief Customer Relations Officer of Union Telephone. Union Wireless is constantly seeking quality technical solutions in pursuit of our mission to always deliver the best value to our customers. The broad capabilities of the NuTEQ system, coupled with its affordability, made this Carrier Management System the best solution.

We are excited that Union Telephone has trusted NuTEQ with its traffic management needs and look forward to working with them to ensure the successful implementation and operation of the system, stated Mike Roddy, Chief Operating Officer of NuTEQ Solutions.

About NuTEQ Solutions:

Founded by industry veterans John Brooks, Mike Roddy, and Rick Perkins, NuTEQ Solutions provides software solutions to the broadband, telecom, and utility service provider industries. Our portfolio of software solutions deliver new revenues, reduce operating costs, and improve customer satisfaction. NuTEQs latest solution, GOCare, improves customer satisfaction, lowers costs, and drives revenues. NuTEQ has offices in St. Louis and Atlanta.

About Union Telephone Company:

Union Telephone Company, founded in 1914 by John D. Woody, expanded into wireless communication and data services in 1990. On average, the company erects or updates a new cell tower weekly. The company operates 13 retail locations and has over 20 agents serving Wyoming, Northwestern Colorado and Northeastern Utah.


Jan Fasselin


Union Telephone Company

Telephone: (307) 782-4326

Website URL:

John Brooks


NuTEQ Solutions, LLC

Telephone: (314) 378-1920

Website URL:

# # #

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